Josper the Origin

With over five decades dedicated to crafting cutting-edge equipment for the culinary world and the exacting demands of the commercial kitchen industry, our tradition meets innovation in the design of this grill and oven fusion. Explore our comprehensive range of equipment tailored to elevate your mastery of commercial char grills and ovens. Engineered with premium steel alloys and top-tier components, this machine is a testament to our passion for grilling excellence.

Josper, acclaimed in premier restaurants across Australia, emerges as the quintessential asset for any professional commercial kitchen. Tailored for chefs navigating modern culinary spaces yet craving the unparalleled essence of charcoal grilling, Josper products stand as the epitome of innovation fused with time-honored craftsmanship.

Josper the Origin


Featured in some of Australia’s best restaurants, Josper is the perfect addition to any serious kitchen. These products are designed for chefs confined to modern kitchens but only desire the intense flavours of charcoal grilling. Josper strive to combine the most innovative technology and traditional production methods.


With a vast clientele exceeding 40,000, Josper stands as the ultimate ally for discerning chefs pursuing top-tier charcoal grilling. Pioneering charcoal ovens redefine excellence through a harmonious blend of expert craftsmanship, innovative steel alloys, and avant-garde designs. Engineered to meet the exacting standards of professional chefs and the hospitality industry, each product is meticulously crafted to unleash its maximum potential.


What makes Josper unique?

High quality grilling
100% Charcoal

Josper Charcoal Oven

Our charcoal oven elegantly combines the grill and the oven into a single, unique closed-barbeque machine. Offering different levels of grilling, this flexible and robust single door oven can operate entirely with charcoal. It also features a vent system for temperature control and an internal smoke regulation, allowing the kitchen to fit elegantly in Australia’s finest commercial kitchens.

Josper Combos

The Josper Combo seamlessly integrates two of our premier offerings – the charcoal oven and the monoblock. This dynamic duo, unified in a single unit, unlocks limitless gastronomic horizons. Leveraging agile temperature control through height adjustments on the grill and internal braising levels within the oven, chefs can effortlessly diversify their menus. Count on uninterrupted service in even the most relentless kitchen environments with the Josper Combos.

Josper Basque Grill

Basque grills empower chefs to seamlessly transition outdoor grilling experiences into indoor settings. Trusted by Australia’s finest dining establishments and open kitchens, the Basque boasts superior thermal insulation and an exclusive ventilation system, crafted around multi-chamber air circuits for unparalleled performance.

Josper Mangals

Unlock the pinnacle of Mangal cooking with our premier wood charcoal open grill. Boasting a swift fire time of only 20 minutes and a grilling temperature soaring up to 250 degrees, this grill guarantees perfection with every steak, hamburger, kebab, chicken breast, and vegetable.

Josper Rotisserie

With a capacity of up to 48 chickens, these rotisseries are perfect for busy commercial kitchens. The grilling temperature reaches between 200C to 280C, and with six rotating spit rods, you can guarantee the perfect, succulent, smoky charcoal chicken.

Josper Robatagrills

Elevate your commercial kitchen with our wood charcoal open grill, tailored for the revered Robotoyaki cooking style. With a grilling temperature reaching 250°C and a rapid firing time of approximately 20 minutes, this grill ensures the perfect aroma infuses your meats, seafood, and vegetables, making it an ideal addition to commercial char grills and ovens.

Josper Cookware

Discover the pinnacle of culinary excellence with Josper cookware, where traditional craftsmanship converges with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Our collection includes casseroles and meticulously handcrafted molten aluminum Gastronorm trays, designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial kitchens, char grills, and ovens alike. With exceptional thermal conductivity, these pieces ensure rapid and uniform heat distribution, while diamond-rectified bottoms guarantee optimal heat conduction for superior cooking results.

Josper Cookware by Bittor

Experience the culinary revolution sparked by Bittor Arginzoniz, redefining age-old cooking techniques. Bittor’s mastery of the gastronomic grill transcends tradition, driving innovation in braising methods and inspiring the creation of Josper Basque grills.

Additionally, his expertise extends to crafting a range of grilling grates and impeccable pans tailored for commercial kitchens, char grills, and ovens, ensuring unparalleled quality in grilling a diverse array of products.

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The Technology

1. Antispark and anti-articulates safety filter
2. Cooled Flue
3. Fumes exit regulation
(Combustion intensity control and safety lock).
4. Refrigeration system exit.
5. Multiple positions for grill racks.
6. Charcoal combustion.
7. Refrigeration air entry.
8. Air entry requlation.
9. Removable door traction system.
10. GN tray as ash collector

Higher grilling quality

Adding the unique flavour of the finest embers; a unique texture and juiciness in all products.


35% faster than an open grill.

Dual oven-grill function

Two machines in one.

Lower Charcoal consumption

About 40% less than with an open grill.

Flame reduction

Greatly reduces flames, preventing food from drying out or burning.


More quality in the workplace; prevents the impact of constant heat on the chef.

Improved Cleanliness

The ash is stored in a case in a sealed cabinet below the oven.

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