Introducing the
Heinzelmann CHEF-X

The Heinzelmann CHEF-X allows you to push the limits of your creativity. Designed with chefs for chefs, the CHEF-X will handle all the prep work whilst still giving you complete control of your commercial kitchen. It’s a machine that can handle it all. The CHEF-X is designed to withstand daily operation without compromising quality. It makes the food preparation and cooking processes faster and more consistent.


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Heinzelmann CHEF-X
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Chop, blend, caramelise, whip, cook, emulsify, grind, homogenise, cream, infuse, juice, puree or simply stir, the Heinzelmann CHEF-X is your ally in the commercial kitchen. The multifunctional professional machine was developed with chefs and a German engineering team to meet even the busiest commercial kitchen demands. It’s designed to work smarter and faster without compromising quality.

Strong and Durable

Discover the durability and power of the CHEF-X, your ultimate solution in commercial kitchen appliances. Engineered for the demands of professional kitchens, this professional food processor boasts a four-pronged, multi-directionally angled blade coated with titanium for longevity and sharpness. Crafted from the highest-grade stainless steel, its bowl ensures lasting performance, while specially designed rubber feet minimise vibrations for stability.

User-Friendly and Ergonomic

We’ve optimised CHEF-X for user-friendliness, ensuring seamless operation in professional kitchens. With integrated lighting, dual handles on the lid, a handle on the bowl, and intuitive dials and knobs, it’s designed for ease of use. Simply set your preferences and let it work its magic. When you’re finished, the bowl easily detaches for quick cleaning, making it a must-have professional food processor in any commercial kitchen.


With 10-speed settings and a turbo feature, it can reach an impressive 10500 rpm, making it an indispensable tool for chefs in any commercial kitchen. Its versatile heat range, spanning from 37°C to 130°C, opens up endless possibilities for culinary creativity. From dicing to slicing, mixing to blending, CHEF-X excels at every task, streamlining prep work and empowering chefs to unleash their full potential. Discover the power and precision of CHEF-X, the leading choice in commercial food processors.


The Heinzelmann CHEF-X is a convenient and compact machine with multiple functions designed to save time, space, energy and wastage. The device promises consistency – once programmed, every batch is guaranteed to be the same. The powerful speeds and flexible temperature settings allow you to work more efficiently in your commercial kitchen.

Increases Productivity

CHEF-X will free up staff to complete other tasks – increasing productivity, whilst reducing labour costs.

Fast and Powerful

CHEF-X incorporates the best German technology to ensure maximum endurance. This is combined with a 1400W motor that gives the machine a maximum speed of 10,500 RPM, delivering the finest results.


The blue accessories of our professional food processor ensure high visibility and rapid in-line identification. This feature allows the CHEF-X to quickly recognize any foreign material that accidentally falls into the product, ensuring optimal safety and efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

Designed with chefs, for chefs.


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DIMENSION L 423 x W 265 x H 330mm
MOTOR POWER 1400W SPEED 10 speed settings + Turbo, max. 10500 rpm
HEATING POWER 1050W, Heat range 37°C – 130°C
TITANIUM COATED BLADE Premium Grade 420 stainless steel with titanium coating helps strengthen the blade and prevent corrosion BOWL 2L, Premium Grade 304, hardened stainless steel
ELECTRICAL RATING 220/240V, 50/60Hz 10amp
DESIGN FEATURE Large rear vents for thermal protection CORD 1.5m and quick, easy storage at rear
ACCESSORIES Spatula, simmering basket, whisk, Lid, transparent lid cap + removable light
WARRANTY 1-YEAR Manufacturer’s Warranty. Back to base.


The CHEF-X comes equipped with a 2L bowl, meticulously designed for enhanced control and efficiency in food processing tasks. Crafted from the highest grade stainless steel, these bowls are engineered for longevity, ensuring enduring performance of the machine.

Additionally, users have the option to purchase additional bowls, streamlining the cooking process and providing added convenience in busy commercial kitchen environments.

Four-pronged Blade

The CHEF-X boasts a four-pronged, multi-directional angled blade coated with titanium, sharpened to reveal a strong steel edge underneath. This design ensures the sharpest blade, with enhanced strength and corrosion resistance throughout its length, optimising its performance for commercial kitchen environments.

1400W Motor

The powerful motor of the CHEF-X is engineered to maximise performance, capable of running continuously throughout the day without any downtime. This design ensures seamless operation and consistent productivity in demanding commercial kitchen settings.

Other Features

Integrated light on lid to help keep an eye on what’s happening in the bowl and a 1.5m detachable power cord that can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.

Is the Heinzelmann Chef-X the tool you need?