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The day to day operation of Unique Catering Products is controlled by former hospitality professionals, who have a deep understanding of the demands of the Hospitality industry. From front of house to back of house we can recommend the best option for your business.

Australian Owned and Operated

Although Unique Catering Products is new to the industry, its pedigree is not. Experience within the industry dates back to the late 1970's. 




THe ONLY Oven FOR the food and beverage industry

The Josper Oven is a worthwhile investment to those in the food and beverage industry, whether your business is a large hotel, or a smaller restaurant wanting a point of difference. 

Meat, seafood and even vegetables cooked in a Josper Oven are delicious! Succulent, Charred and grilled to perfection. ‘From the Josper’ has become a popular term being featured on menus around town due to businesses wanting to promote that they have this essential piece of kitchen equipment

HotmixPRO Ambassador, Raymond Capaldi

HotmixPRO Ambassador, Raymond Capaldi


HotmixPRO is the only commercial thermal mixer on the market, with a temperature range of between -24°C*to +190°C.

 A model from the HotmixPRO range will satisfy your needs in a demanding commercial kitchen environment.

HotmixPRO is an innovative range of multi function professional kitchen appliances.

HotmixPRO units, with their special blades, can work as a mixer -to emulsify liquids- and as a cutter – to chop any solid ingredient.




Ciam is a fully customisable front of house solution for your Café or Restaurant needs. Italian style with Italian quality.

Please call us for your specific requirement, we are currently building our selection of Ciam solutions, check back soon! 


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