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Introducing CiBO

The ultimate solution in professional speed ovens for commercial kitchen appliances. Whether you’re running a cute cafe, bustling food truck, or late-night diner, CiBO is the perfect fit for any space. Available in five vibrant colors – teal, stainless steel, black metallic, champagne, and merlot – CiBO complements every kitchen, bar, or benchtop with style.

Its compact footprint and stackable design make CiBO ideal for venues with limited space, allowing you to maximise efficiency without sacrificing performance. Elevate your small business with the latest technology and experience the unmatched versatility of the CiBO Speed Oven.


Cibo is a speed oven that uses patent-pending technology. It combines three different heat sources – convention, grill and heated base – cooking in phased cycles to deliver quality results quickly. Cibo doesn’t feature microwave technology. This means it can deliver incredible, hot food without sacrificing quality like in a microwave. With Cibo, customers get quality food fast.


Cibo speed oven is perfect for



With the five different colour options, Cibo will blend into your café seamlessly. It is designed for the small venue, sitting flush against a wall and is stackable. Cibo works faster than a panini press and it toasts and cooks to perfection – toasting focaccias, paninis and sandwiches in two to three minutes.

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There is nothing better than walking into your favourite bakery when a fresh batch has come out of the oven. Create this experience on-demand with Cibo. With this simple machine, you can have the smell of baked goods wafting through the store throughout the entire day. Moreover, Cibo is not a microwave and therefore, you will not be sacrificing quality when you re-heat your baked goods to be served to the customer.

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Grab & Go Venues

Cibo will allow you to expand your menu with added convenience. With this small, but powerful machine, businesses can offer their customers a comprehensive range of food without renovating the entire store – just keep hot food in the fridge and re-heat it in Cibo when you’re ready. Moreover, its intuitively designed touchscreen controller and icons mean that anyone can use the machine.

How does CiBO work?

CiBO utilises a combination of convention, grill, and heat base technologies to cook and reheat food to perfection in multiple phases. With its low power wattage and Amps, CiBO can be conveniently plugged into any conventional power outlet for instant use, enhancing efficiency in any commercial kitchen setup.

Furthermore, CiBO offers versatile control options, allowing manual adjustments for time, program, and temperature. Alternatively, users can select from individually designed menu options or utilise the pre-programmed settings for added convenience. Experience complete freedom in how you utilise CiBO to elevate your culinary creations.


The versatile CiBO enables simultaneous cooking of multiple items, significantly reducing cooking time and increasing service turnover in commercial kitchen settings. Engineered to replace traditional appliances such as grills, ovens, sandwich presses, and salamanders, CiBO offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in food preparation. 

Perfect Results

Utilising a patent-pending three heat source phased cooking system, CiBO achieves perfect results in record time. This innovative technology is designed to cater to both fresh and frozen foods, surpassing the performance of traditional microwaves.


Tailor your CiBO to meet your unique needs with ease. It provides pre-existing pre-programmed settings that can be effortlessly adjusted to suit your requirements. Alternatively, users have the flexibility to input their own programs tailored to their menu offerings. Simply program the machine and activate the PIN lock to save your settings for future use. 

Additionally, programs can be colour-coded with pre-designed icons, further streamlining the entire process.  

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We do the research so you don’t have to.

With over 50 years dedicated to technological advancement and innovation in serving the gastronomy and demanding Foodservice Industry sector, we proudly present our latest creation: a grill and oven combined into a single machine, along with a comprehensive range of equipment designed to master the art of gastronomic grilling.

This machine embodies the fusion of tradition and innovation, crafted using high-tech steel alloys and top-quality components. It’s a testament to our passion for grilling—a true love story that continues to evolve with each culinary masterpiece created.


EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS H 370mm x W 440mm x D 620mm (inc. handle)
INTERNAL DIMENSION H 95mm x W 340mm x D 355mm
GPO 230V 11.7amps 2700W
CERAMIC G­LASS COOKING­ AREA 340mm x 355mm (suitable for 12” pizza)
ACCESSIBILITY 4.3” touch screen with PIN lock to prevent users from changing settings and USB updates
ACCESSORIES Paddle, Baking sheet, USB stick, Wire rack and Teflon Sheet.
WARRANTY 2-YEAR Manufacturer’s Warranty. Back to base.

Control System

  • 4.3” touch screen control
  • 24 programmed with icon driven system
  • USB updates
  • PIN lock to prevent other users chang­in­g your setting­s

Cooking system

  • 2.4kW ­grill
  • 1.8kW oven
  • 0.7kW radiant base element
  • 340mm x 355mm ceramic g­lass cooking­ area suitable for 12” pizza
  • 15amp GPO 230V 11.7amps 2700W


  • External H 370mm x W 440mm x D 620mm (inc. handle)
  • Internal H 95mm x W 340mm x D 355mm
  • Weig­ht 27k­g


  • Paddle
  • Baking­ sheet
  • USB stick
  • Wire rack
  • Teflon sheet

Is the CiBO speed oven the tool you need?