HotmixPRO "Master"


HotmixPRO "Master"


HotmixPRO Master is a game changer in the world of dynamic preparation thanks to its extraordinary ability to generate a vacuum inside its bowl, opening up a world of new culinary possibilities.

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HotmixPRO Master, one of the latest innovations of the HotmixPRO range, is another game changer in the world of dynamic preparation, thanks to its unique and extraordinary features.  

In fact, it is the first product of its category to be able to generate vacuum inside its bowl, thus opening endless new possibilities.  

Adding a vacuum to the bowl, for instance, allows techniques like:  

• Vacuum grinding, avoiding any colour change due to oxidation.

• Vacuum cooking, which grants incredible results – since the lowered boiling points do not alter taste, aromas, nor colour of your preparations. Excellent for sauces and any creamy preparation, it makes impossible for the recipe to oxidase, make bubbles, or being contaminated by aerobic bacteria.
• Vacuum concentration / reduction, the most modern and efficient way to reduce or concentrate, since there's no loss of aromas or taste, and the starting ingredients are almost not changed at all.
• Vacuum flavour extraction, without oxidation and using only low temperatures, for amazing results.
• Vacuum impregnation / marination / emulsion (with or without heating), a technique offering amazing results, thanks to the removal not only of the air contained into the bowl, but also into the preparation; then, thanks to a special connection, when the internal pressure is restored, a different gas (or liquid) can easily impregnate the preparation.  

On top of all this, of course, there are the same power, reliability and versatility of all our range of high-performance mixers; featuring a maximum speed of 16'000 rpm, a maximum temperature of 190°C (with degree-by-degree control) and a programmable memory, HotmixPRO Master is, undoubtedly, one of the most versatile and innovative products of its category, and useful for any kind of professional.