What is the HotmixPRO?

HotmixPRO is the only commercial thermal mixer on the market, with a temperature range of between -24°C* to +190°C.

 A model from the HotmixPRO range will satisfy your needs in a demanding commercial kitchen environment.

 From Preparation to Cooking

HotmixPRO is an innovative range of multi function professional kitchen appliances.

HotmixPRO units, with their special blades, can work as a mixer -to emulsify liquids- and as a cutter – to chop any solid ingredient.

Equipped with professional motors (up to 1800W – depending on the model), able to run the blades from 0 (still) to 16000 rpm, they can easily:

  • mix
  • chop
  • emulsify
  • homogenise
  • liquefy
  • blend any kind of food.

Cook and Freeze any kind of food, at any temperature between -24°C^and 190°C, with perfect, degree-by-degree temperature control. And mix as gently (or as fast) as you want at the same time!

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Raymond Capaldi , HotmixPRO Australian Ambassodor 

Raymond Capaldi, HotmixPRO Australian Ambassodor 

  1. Temperature range from -24°C^ to +190°C *, with degree-by-degree temperature control; 
  2.  Always perfect results, no matter the initial quantities and temperatures of the ingredients, thanks to the special WT function (Wait Temperature), which allows the user to start the timer only when the selected temperature is reached; 
  3. From 0 to 16.000 rpm*, with 26 different speeds in between, thanks to powerful professional motors from 1.200W to 3.000W;
  4. Capability to save your own recipes, and send them via e-mail. Up to 400 pre-stored recipes on the STANDARD SD card;*
  5. Set different subsequent steps of a recipe without the user intervention;*
  6. Continuous operation from 4 to 12 hours thanks to the TURBO AIR MOTOR SYSTEM;*
  7. Self-diagnostics information display, upload of new software programs via SD card;
  8. Motor never under stress. The recipes are always completed, thanks to the dynamic system of the motor thermal protection. When the motor is under too much stress, the software automatically stops it for few seconds (Pulse mode), while all the other operating functions are still on. Then, it starts to work again. The stop and working time may vary depending on the effective temperature of the motor at that moment.

^* Temperature figures and motor capacities shown are dependent on which specific model is used.