Pura Brasa opens in Singapore

The seventh Pura Brasa restaurant opened in Singapore its doors on June 7 , the first international opening of the chain that adds to the total of already seven franchises of Pura Brasa around the world.

Pura Brasa Singapore is a spacious and modern style restaurant, with a capacity of 100 diners, located in the Tanjong Pagar Centre, a recent construction that has become the highest of the city’s impressive skyline. In the busy CBD, customer of the new restaurant delight palates with their Spanish cuisine, enhanced by the charcoal using in the Josper oven, a product 100% made in Barcelona, Spain.

The open kitchen of the restaurant, like all in the chain, allows the diners to see how their dishes are cooked and prepared, and then the end result presented at their table. Enjoying the typical taste of yesteryear and the perfect texture and retained juiciness that cooking over charcoal provides. The new menu offers a great variety of dishes based on the quality of the ingredients, and after being cooked over charcoal, the quality of the ingredients shine.

The brad Pura Brasa created in 2010 with the official opening of its first restaurant in the Sant Andreau neighbourhood in Barcelona. The concept of Pura Brasa was was a way of showing and putting into practice the technology of the Josper oven and all of the variety of the applications it has. What better way to showcase the Josper to our customers than to go to Pura Brasa and see what the Josper can do in a fast-paced restaurant environment. The success of the first restaurant led to the opening of new restaurants and franchises.