Chef Paul Rifkin,  Campbelltown Catholic Club , NSW

Chef Paul Rifkin, Campbelltown Catholic Club, NSW


What is a Josper Charcoal Oven?

The Josper Oven is a worthwhile investment to those in the food and beverage industry, whether your business is a large hotel, or a smaller restaurant wanting a point of difference. 

Meat, seafood and even vegetables cooked in a Josper Oven are delicious! Succulent, Charred or grilled to perfection. ‘From the Josper’ has become a popular term being featured on menus around town due to businesses wanting to promote that they have this essential piece of kitchen equipment.


The Josper Oven’s most notable, defining feature is its dual-functionality as an oven and a grill, enabling it to multi-task: searing, smoking and grilling, all at the same time. This oven can also cook food in a significantly shorter amount of time than many other types of ovens, with the example of cooking a 1kg T-Bone to medium rare in 14 minutes, plus resting.

Another notable benefit of the Josper Oven is its fast and dry heat method of cooking at high temperature, which creates that desirable char and crisp surface with meat dishes.

The oven functions like an indoor barbecue. It’s very effective at retaining the moisture and flavour of the meat when it’s kept behind closed doors within the oven. The temperature can go up to 700°C, not that you could cook at these temperatures, but the oven could spike at 700°C on startup. By using the top and bottom vents you would bring the temperature down to the cooking temperature of between 300-350°C


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