What is a Josper Charcoal Oven?

Over the last 45 years, Josper ovens have become revered in hotels and restaurant across the globe. Josper elegantly combines a grill and an oven in a single machine. Whether you run a large hotel kitchen, or a smaller restaurant, Josper offers a point of difference that’ll help set your kitchen apart: ‘from the Josper’ is now a popular term on restaurant and hotel menus. 

Chef Paul Rifkin,  Campbelltown Catholic Club , NSW

Chef Paul Rifkin, Campbelltown Catholic Club, NSW

What sets Josper apart?

  1. HIGHER GRILLING QUALITY: adding the unique flavour of the finest  embers; a unique texture and juiciness in all products.

  2. FASTER: 35% faster than an open grill.

  3. DUAL OVEN-GRILL FUNCTION: two machines in one.

  4. LOWER CHARCOAL CONSUMPTION: about 40% less than with an open grill.

  5. Greatly REDUCES flames, preventing food from drying out or burning.

  6. MORE QUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE: prevents the impact of constant heat on the chef.

  7. IMPROVED CLEANLINESS: the ash is stored in a case in a sealed cabinet below the oven.

  8. MORE PERSONALISED SERVICE: we have a network of official dealers and consultant chefs all over the world to help with startup, advice and after-sales service.


The Josper Oven’s defining feature is its ability to multi-task; searing smoking and grilling all at the same time. Its unique design also cooks food faster than a conventional oven. A Josper will cook a one-kilogram T-Bone steak to medium rare in 14 minutes—including resting!

A Josper oven also offers a fast, dry heat to create irresistible crisp and charred meat dishes. As it functions like an indoor barbecue, it retains the moisture and flavour of meat when the meat is kept behind closed doors within the oven.


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Looking for a Josper Oven? We have a dealer in each state who can assist, let Unique Catering Products find you a local retailer who can get you going. Interested in stocking Josper? Please contact us here