What is a Josper Charcoal Oven?

The Josper Oven is a worthwhile investment to those in the food and beverage industry, whether your business is a large hotel, or a smaller restaurant wanting a point of difference. 

Meat, seafood and even vegetables cooked in a Josper Oven are delicious! Succulent, Charred or grilled to perfection. ‘From the Josper’ has become a popular term being featured on menus around town due to businesses wanting to promote that they have this essential piece of kitchen equipment. 

What is a Josper Oven?

The Josper Oven is a combination of a grill and an oven in a single piece of equipment. It cooks food using charcoal heat only, NO gas boost, NO electricity, NO water. The spent ashes from the charcoal are stored, below the fire pit in a sealed cabinet, ensuring that none of it comes in contact with the food. Essentially, the Josper Company, located in Barcelona, combined cutting-edge technology with the ancient Spanish cooking method of using covered fire pits to produce the Josper Oven.

Josper Oven Features

The Josper Oven’s most notable, defining feature is its dual-functionality as an oven and a grill, enabling it to multi-task: searing, smoking and grilling, all at the same time. This oven can also cook food in a significantly shorter amount of time than many other types of ovens, with the example of cooking a 1kg T-Bone to medium rare in 14 minutes, plus resting.

Another notable benefit of the Josper Oven is its fast and dry heat method of cooking at high temperature, which creates that desirable char and crisp surface with meat dishes.

The oven functions like an indoor barbecue. It’s very effective at retaining the moisture and flavour of the meat when it’s kept behind closed doors within the oven. The temperature can go up to 700°C, not that you could cook at these temperatures, but the oven could spike at 700°C on startup. By using the top and bottom vents you would bring the temperature down to the cooking temperature of between 300-350°C

A Josper Oven can easily accommodate up to 30 pieces of fish or meat at a time, and it can cook about 7kgs of meat in just six minutes.

How it Works 

The Josper Oven is ideal for cooking meat, such as steaks, lamb, seafood, pork chops and vegetables. For example, to cook a T-bone steak, a chef would typically rest the meat in the warming cabinet of the oven while waiting for the oven to preheat to an optimal temperature (300-350°C) for grilling. The steak is salted as it cooks and grilled for three minutes on each side. While the steak is grilling, it is important to keep the oven door closed, to keep the smoke and moisture within the oven. Once the meat is cooked and the oven door is opened, heat and smoke will be released from the oven. This is because of the charcoals burning within. A sprinkle of salt and the T-bone steak is ready to be served, after resting, with that desirable char and caramelised crust.


To see the Josper in action for yourself, please make contact via the “Contact” page and we can arrange a personalised demonstration in Melbourne.

We have various sites in most states across Australia, these sites include;

Teatro, Southbank, VIC

Donovans, St Kilda, Melbourne

Movida Aqui, Melbourne CBD

Sagra, Malvern, VIC

Dinner by Heston, Crown Casino Complex, Vic

Beef and Beach, Lennox Head

Alfred and Constance, Fortitude Valley, Qld

The Defiant Duck, Newstead, Qld

The Cuban, Broadbeach, Qld

Campbelltown Catholic Club, Campbelltown, NSW

Balcon by Tapavino, Sydney

Hermosa, Wembley, WA

Hamptons, City Beach, WA

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne, WA

2Kw, Adelaide, SA

Stumps Bar, Hyde Park, SA

The Stirling Hotel, Stirling, SA

The Park Kitchen, Wellington, NZ

Whitebait, Wellington, NZ

Available Product Range

The Josper range include 4 different size ovens, with 5 different configurations.

- HJX38 - Up to 40 Covers

- HJX25 - Up to 70 Covers

- HJX45 - Up to 100 Covers

-HJX50 - Up to 150 Covers

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You can find a Josper in a wide array of establishments, with over 25000 units worldwide, you are bound to see one in a Restaurant near you.

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